Duct Terminators

American MAATco provides duct terminators for the underground utility industry. Our terminators come in a variety of sizes and/or center points to fulfill what your contract may require. Each interlocking unit is constructed of heavy duty ABS plastic and is tested for leaks and quality.


Designed for easy labor saving installation, MAATco carries all types of Terminators to match your duct sizes. Designed for underground installation these ABS Terminators come in various sizes and or center points to match what your contract may require. We stock sizes from 2" up to 4.5" pipe sizes, but if your job requires custom sizes we will gladly assist you. All of our terminators are made to lock together. Most units come in bank of 4, if you require more than 4, then banks are designed to lock together so that any amount of hols needed can be achived. The inner plastic that keeps everything water tight can be knocked out easy with a hammer or chisel to clean out opening.

The Construction of our Terminators

All of our terminators are made out of ABS platics. ABS is a co polymer of Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene. ABS plastics generally posses medium to high strength and performance at medium cost. ABS secures nicely with almost all other plastics to assure a solid connection. Each unit is formed to it's specification and testd for leaks and stack-ability (interlocking).

Important Information

Most of our terminators are made for 5" and 6" walls. If you require a differnet wall thickness then request a quote to match yur needs.

So we can quote you efficiently we will need the following information:

  • Pipe Size
  • How many in a row
  • Center to Center Information
  • Complete pattern of holes needed

Custom Thermoforming

MAATco wants to be your one stop source for all of your vacuum forming of plastics. We currently make knowck outs for ladder installations aswell as drain caps. If you are using Drills or foam then we probably have something that will help speed that process up. Please ask your sales Representative for details on how we can help you save labor costs as well as boost your quality along with flexibility.

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duct terminators 1

duct terminators 1

duct terminators 1

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